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We started Y+M with one mission, to create the finest CBD products on the market. Unlike other companies that simply buy products from unknown sources, we have a farm to table supply chain. What that means is we own our own farms, distill our own hemp-based cbd, and formulate our own products. Everything is done in small batches, tested thoroughly, and then delivered directly to you. With our ability to refine these processes, we are able to sell our products for less than the competition but with far better results for your body.

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Do you love talking to people about CBD and how it has helped you? Do you love getting free CBD Products? Do you love getting paid to promote Something you already love? If you said yes to these things, you should apply to become a brand ambassador with Y+M. You can get free stuff and get paid to share your love of Y+M and CBD with your friends and fans. 

Let us know why you think you should be a brand ambassador for us by filling out this form. If you are selected, someone from our outreach team will contact you shortly.