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Y+M CBD Designed For You

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Founded in 2017 by a team of supergeeks, cannabis enthusiasts, and fitness savages, Y+M was established as a company to help athletes and those focused on performance get a better quality CBD for pain and recovery. The health benefits and evidence of the hemp plant are well documented and proven by scientific studies across the world.  Y+M is focused on developing proprietary blends that are crafted in small batches and made to work better than anything you have ever tried.

we undertook a 3-year journey from planting our own farm, developing our own lab, and crafting special blends that combine our expertise in the human body, the endocannabanoid system, and the restorative powers of the hemp plant. 

Based on our success working with athletes we have created a lineUp of Products that work levels better than anything else in the market. Cost effective and Powerful, Y+M delivers Directly to Your Home or office in all 50 states. We appreciate our friends and fans and will continue to develop the best CBd that works!

TEAM [Y+M] CBD Designed For YOU

A little bit more about us

Our story is taking a hard road to success. From adversity, to being one of the most sought after brands in Fitness because of our vertical integration from farm to our end product. Our brand is trusted across the country by everyone from athletes to the elderly, pets to patients, as having some of the highest strength, and effective CBD Available Anywhere.

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