CBD Water – 24 Bottle of 12oz Kind Waters

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What Is Kind Water?

Kind Water is a premium wellness beverage made with purified alkaline water and all naturally sourced ingredients.

This proprietary formula utilizes a patented technology to optimally infuse cannabidiol (CBD)
and other botanical nutraceuticals for enhanced physical performance and mental focus.
CBD has become the fastest growing alternative for exercise and recovery enhancement.

CBD compounds are broken down into nanoparticles and evenly distributed in the water. The result is water with a bioavailable source of CBD that is able to penetrate tissue like the digestive tract and blood-brain barrier much more effectively.

When you purchase Kind Water from CBDYouMe.com, you'll get a 24 pack of 16oz bottles, each with 5mg of highly bioavailable doses of CBD.

Why CBD Water?

Normally, CBD is consumed through edibles. In this process, much of the CBD can be lost along the way (sometimes as much as 90%) due to its poor bioavailability. With CBD water, because the CBD particles have been processed to nanoparticles, it is retained and used to its maximum potential.

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