Revive Ink – CBD Tattoo Salve by Evergreen Lotus

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Motivated to facilitate all three stages of the tattoo healing process, we developed a CBD infused tattoo salve for your ink’s aftercare.

Prevent itchiness, moisturize skin, and keep the tattoo area hydrated without clogging the pores.

Directions: wash and clean affected area before use. Apply a thin layer of salve, spreading evenly across the entire surface area of the tattoo. Use as needed.

Ingredients: Shea butter, organic coconut oil, beeswax, CBD oil, Vitamin E, almond oil, Vitamin A & D, lavender & frankincense.




Alleviates Inflammation and Pain From Tattoos From Beginning To End

Motivated to facilitate all three stages of the tattoo healing process, we developed a CBD infused tattoo salve for your ink’s aftercare.


Stage One

The 99% pure CBD in Revive Ink  will help relieve pain and soreness, as well as reduce redness and swelling for days after your tattoo is complete.


Stage Two

While your new tattoo begins to set, the skin-friendly, Revive Ink it will moisturize your skin and minimize itching.


Stage Three

The all-natural hydration of our CBD slave will keep the ink looking fresh as the skin’s deeper layers continue to repair themselves.


Use on Existing Tattoos!

All natural Revive Ink may also be used on existing tattoos, plus it’s NON-GMO, Cruelty-free and Paraben free!


About Evergreen Lotus CBD Products


The Future is Evergreen

Evergreen Lotus is your source for fast-acting, all natural relief with a line of CBD topicals that melt away pain while protecting and nourishing skin. No THC or cannabis-derived ingredients go into Evergreen Lotus products so customers can count on achieving holistic pain relief without intoxicating effects. Evergreen Lotus topicals are perfect for people of all life-stages and walks of life. Whether to calm the throbbing pain of a fresh bruise, ease the aches of arthritis or heal from a brand new tattoo, Evergreen Lotus is there for you.



Johnny Yousoufian’s life was changed with  cannabis became a source of personal relief from the pain of multiple sclerosis. He entered the cannabis industry in 2008, with the ambition of supplying a safer alternative to pharmaceutical medication. As a patient himself, he noticed the tremendous differences between medical cannabis and opioids. His heart told him medical cannabis should be available to all who need it, but stigmatization was a barrier. He understood that the intoxicating effects of marijuana weren’t for everyone and wanted to develop products that could reach people who traditionally would not use cannabis. CBD was the answer, and Johnny spent two years in research and development to get his cannabidiol-rich topicals just right. In June 2017 Johnny proudly launched Evergreen Lotus, unveiling a line of premium hemp-derived lotions and salves.



Each component of Evergreen Lotus’ products was hand-selected to provide a specific benefit. Evergreen Lotus products are crafted with cannabidiol derived from premium Harlequin flowers. Every ingredient is non-GMO and organic and Evergreen Lotus combines the power of hemp with other natural therapies such as lavender and frankincense. The team’s lotions are comprised of a blend of organic shea butter and coconut oil along with essential oils and solvent-free active cannabidiol concentrate. Evergreen Lotus has its sights set on crafting other CBD solutions, too. Keep an eye out for the latest products from Evergreen Lotus; sublingual spray, tinctures and pet products are on the horizon.

Don’t get fresh ink without getting Evergreen Lotus’ tattoo Salve; this CBD salve contains vitamins A, E and D to promote healing and alleviate itching. The formula won’t clog pores; simply apply on your latest body art for quick, holistic relief.

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