Join CBD You Me for Sober October 2018

What is Sober October?

Sober October is a health movement centered around sobriety, health and overall well being. We first heard about the movement last October from the Joe Rogan podcast.
The health and wellness benefits reported by the participants sounded amazing, so we thought we'd give it a try!

Follow The Sober October 2018 Journey On Social Media

Jesse, our Sober October 2018 guinea pig. He'll be posting on social, Snapping Pictures on Instagram, and vlogging on Youtube
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How To Participate

The rules are simple: no alcohol or marijuana for the entire month of October. Plus, at least 15 sessions of hot yoga over the course of the entire month.
If you don't drink alcohol or use marijuana, pick something that you know is a vice - chocolate, soda, watching trash TV. Many things can be addictive and the idea is to give your mind and body a 30 day break.

Stay tuned for more updates from Jesse as he starts this journey!

CBD And Alcoholism

I ran across this resource on Project CBD regarding how CBD can help with alcoholism. It's a very interesting read, and it inspired me to see how CBD can help me during Sober October.