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Y+M wholesalers sell more product more often.

Compared to the competition our products have a stronger sell through per location than Koi, Charlottes Web, or Social. Our average lifetime value is 4x for our vendors based on returning buyer data.  This means that just by carrying Y+M on your shelves you can make 4x the return over current brands for your CBD category sales.  


Freak Bros Gummy 30 Pack


When You Are Just Feeling like You Need a Freak Bros Moment, These Gummies Are the Thing to Get You There. Packed with 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD Infused into Each Gummy, These Are Sure to Give You Exactly What You Need No Matter Where You Are.


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Many brands brag about being THC free. We are not

The problem is with over processed products that strip out THC you reduce both their nutrients and their effectiveness. We limit the exposure to processing on all our products so they retain the maximum health benefits and entourage effect. This results in dynamically more effective formulations and increased results.